Stock Manager

Every institution needs to keep track of all its assets whether it is furniture, ICT equipment, buildings etc. It is important for the institution to know where all its assets are. The Cyber School Manager (CSM) Stock Manager offers all institutions in India a smart way to manage the assets of an institution providing complete visibility and control.

We have developed dynamic and flexible stock management software over the years through collaboration with various school management teams. Our school stock manager is designed to eliminate the administrative challenges of tracking school assets. We provide a user-friendly and dependable solution for stock management that is much better than the limiting spreadsheets.

Why are schools in India choosing our online web based stock management system to keep track of their institution's assets? Here are a few reasons your schools needs the CSM Stock Manager:

Asset Tracking

Keep track of all assets whenever they are moved from one room to another through our web based application. Your staff will be much more aware of where all the school assets are located which makes asset audit easy to carry out. The school will never lose any equipment, our Stock Manager system ensure a thorough audit of items minimizing the possibility of theft. Keep track of any items on loan to students and the dates they are to be returned.


Our stock Manager will help your institution during procurement to avoid wasting money on resources the institution already possesses. The school administration can do better resource planning with full knowledge of all their assets they have and their location.

Insurance Claim

Our school stock manager will come in handy when you make an insurance claim after a terrible tragedy such as a huge fire, earthquake, theft or flooding. You will be able to access a complete list of all the school assets on a friendly and easy to use interface. This will make it easy for the school administration to make a claim in case of such tragedies

Our Stock Manager module provides a visual report of all the maintenance works with notifications for inspections and assessments. We understand that schools and institutions require an easy to use asset tracking system that will enable them to document and account for all the school assets. The CSM stock Manager will provide all the information regarding school inventory to auditors and government regulators.

You will be able to get information about the original buying price of the asset, the usage history, the location of the asset, who is responsible for the asset and previous reports of the asset usage at a central place that is easy to manage and maintain.

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