Teacher Login Manager

The CSM School-Teacher Login Manager is an integral part of the school management system from Cybrain Software Solutions. The teachers are provided with unique passwords to access the secure login manager to submit student progress reports and attendance reports.

The School-Teacher Login Manager is designed to make the management of the academic curriculum and student records stress-free and effortless. Teachers can simply log in and access class attendance, rosters and communicate with parents on student progress and milestones in school activities.

Enhance teacher participation and communication with parents. Teachers can write notes on the progress of every child and share with the parents. They view the class attendance data on a daily basis and record cases of absenteeism.

The CMS Teacher Login Manager simplifies record keeping freeing up more time to focus on the students and improving the curriculum. Access all the features such as the Gradebook, attendance, progress reports, assignments, discipline, school news, contact details of students and their parents/guardians. The teachers can access all this information remotely from anywhere as long as there is an internet connection.

With CSM School-Teacher Login Manager the teacher can do the following:

  •  Produce reports on class attendance, academic progress, health notifications and report cards.

  •  Get access to grading standards

  •  Create unlimited assignments for students

  •  Track student discipline

  •  Print detention slips

  •  Analyze student and class performance.

  •  Communicate with Parents

The CSM School-Teacher Login Manager links the teachers to the classrooms and extra features such as the roster, assignment reports, and seating chart. Teachers can track every course they teach and focus on the specific needs of their students.

Find out how you can enhance student and teacher performance with Teacher Login Manager.

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