Fees Manager

The Fees Manager from Cyber School Manager (CSM) offers a smart, convenient and effortless way to collect fees for schools. Fee collection used to be a hassle for both school administration and parents/guardians. Now Cyber School Manager has developed the most advanced automation technology for collecting fees. Our Fees Manager allows parents/guardians to pay fees online using an online fee management system for both public and private institutions across India. Our Fees Manager has powerful features, it is simple to use with great flexibility.

The CSM Fees Manager allows school administrators to track the fee billing details of the students from the past, current and future payment receipts. The Fee Manager module streamlines the fee collection process making it paperless and eliminating manual work by more than 90%. Our system is designed to accelerate and automate the task of collecting fees and generating receipts while minimizing common human errors.

Schools can now easily maintain fee receipts and a record of outstanding fees owed by students. Generate monthly fee reports for each student based on class or course. Institutions can configure the fee collection system to match their rules and regulations.

The Fees Manager from CSM is a unique product for educational Institutions in India including Primary Schools, Secondary or High Schools, Training Centers, Tuition classes etc. Our Fees Manager module has numerous functional features including the following:

  •  Student Registration Details

  •  Day-to-Day Fee Register

  •  Safe and Secure Online Payments

  •  Simple and Quick Payments

  •  Generate Fee Receipts

  •  Send Due Fee Reminder

  •  Generate monthly and annual Fee pending report

  •  Generate Monthly and Annual Total Fee Collection Report

  •  Effortless Account Management

  •  Miscellaneous Fee Option

  •  SMS Notifications/Alerts

  •  Smart User-friendly Interface

  •  24/7 Operation and transactions

  •  Eliminates queues and time wasting

Institutions that have adapted our Fees Manager System have eliminated the need for parents/guardians or students to hurry to queue at banks or schools in order to pay fees. Our system offers various online payment options for parents/guardians to pay fees instantly. It is convenient and time-saving for everyone.

Advantages for Schools

  •  Quick and simple fee collection system

  •  Secure Cloud Database

  •  Easy online fee and accounts tracking

  •  Safe and secure fee collection system

  •  Requires fewer workforce and less administrative work

  •  Transparent system prevents fraud

  •  System operates 24/7

  •  Options for monthly payments or installments

  •  Offers institutions a cutting edge competitive advantage

Get in-touch with us today and our experts will be more than glad to provide answers to any questions you might have. You can test our system and have a feel of how it can transform and streamline the fee collection system of your institution.

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