Library Manager

The Cyber School Manager (CSM) Library Manager module has been developed to streamline the way institutions manage and record the book transactions in the library. The software provides a smart alternative to managing the library catalog.

The CSM Library Manager provides all the functions of a librarian in a simple and easy to use library system. The Library Manager will store all the records of books available and borrowed in a safe and secure database. We offer the option for web-based Library Manager which stores all the data securely in the cloud or if you prefer one that is locally hosted within your institution.

The following are some of the amazing features of the Library Manager from CSM:

  •  Custom Membership Management

  •  Easy Check in and Check out.

  •  Different Categories for recording Library Items including Books, Journals, Magazines, Newspapers etc.

  •  Books classification based on subject

  •  Simple way to record new books

  •  Flexible Book Circulation

  •  Record full information of a book including Book title, Author, Publisher, Publication Date, Cost, Date of Purchase etc.

  •  Easy Book Reservation

  •  Automated calculation of fines/Blacklisting for late returns or defaulters

  •  Automatic Overdue Notification

  •  Powerful search for books based on (Book Title, Author, Subject, Date of Publication etc.)

  •  Easy report generation for the number of available books, borrowed books etc.

  •  Instant Information on book status

  •  Event calendar reminder

  •  Additional Librarian notes section

  •  Cloud-based eliminates need for heavy hardware Investment

It is tedious for librarians to keep track of books manually. The CSM Library Manager will keep a complete record of all the books in the library. Our Library Management System lifts most of the burden off the shoulders of the librarian. Searching for a book using either the book title, author�s name etc. now takes seconds.

The Librarian can check for the availability of a book instantly and keep track of the stock of books. The software makes school library management to automatically become more organized. With technologies such as RFID tagging, automatic fine calculation, online stock checking, book status etc. library management is now more streamlined and structured than ever before.

Our CSM Library Manger module reduces the manpower needed to manage a school library which reduces administrative costs. All the students can get access to information about available and issued books, journals etc. The Library Manager allows the librarian to analyze the entire library stock including book check-ins and check-outs, calculation of fines online and procurement of books. Students can book any books they need online and the librarian can reserve the books to be collected at a particular time.

The CSM Library Manager module is the most technologically advanced and effective way to manage the library resources for all institutions regardless of their size.

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