Employee Manager

The Cybrain Software Solutions Employee Manager module is designed to make employee data management smooth and effortless. It assist school administration in managing data such as salary and leave for employees. It allows users to categorize employees based on their assignments and job category. Employee management is now automated with a single click you can get access to employee details and extra information from our Employee Manager module.
Our Employee Manager module allows accurate management of employee salary, allowances, deductions and leaves. Get instant information on employee details along with attendance data and any other necessary files.

Key Advantages

  •  Maintain Employee Details (Photos, Contacts, and Address, Qualifications, Experience, Subjects, Salary etc.)

  •  Simple Addition and Retrieval of Employee Profile

  •  Easy tracking of vacations, leaves and sick offs

  •  Easy Generation of Employee ID Cards

  •  Assign Teachers according to schedule

  •  Securely store data of previous employees

  •  Automatically calculate Employee Salary and Challan

  •  Easily import Employee Photo

  •  Enhance Teacher Syllabus Management

  •  Configure Calculation of Deductions and Allowances

  •  Easily Scan and Upload Employee Documents

  •  Easy Report Generation (Attendance, Salary, Pay Slips, Leave and PF Reports)

  •  Easily export employee details to Excel

  •  Maintain Employee appraisal reports

Our system allows the school administration to customize reports and map out employee objectives to effectively manage faculty and staff. Provide your employee with real-time updates and notifications on announcements, holidays, events etc. through SMS, email and other forms of messaging. Track the performance of your employees, compare and monitor the achievement of individual employees, teams, and departments in the institution. Our web based Employee Manager Module can be accessed by staff on their smartphones allowing them access to important data straight from their mobile devices. Our system allows institutions to synchronize employee data with payroll record and automate the calculation of payments such as salaries, allowance, overtime and sick pay over a period of time. With the Cybrain Employee Manager, you will be able to optimize the allocation of work, customize assignment of teachers to classes according to the time schedules. Track the attendance of the institution teachers and employee according to the assigned classes and work periods at the end of each day and month. Our Employee Manager module will enhance the efficiency and performance of your educational institution by automating and streamlining employee management. Get in touch with us and find out how to the Employee Manager Module from Cybrain Software Solutions can transform your institution.

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