The Hostel Manager Module from Cybrain Software Solution is a web-based solution for handling every facet of student accommodation. It transforms the management student housing into a paperless process. The hostel administrator can now plan for the future using advanced digital tools. It allows automatic prediction of future vacancies and determination the population percentages.
Our online system even allows easy roommate matching based students preferences and objectives. Parents and guardians can get automatic Email or SMS notifications on outstanding hostel fees.

Key Advantages

  •  Automatic room allotment

  •  Easy Integration with Biometric Devices

  •  User-friendly Interface

  •  Easy Integration of Multiple Campuses

  •  Provides access to Parents/Guardians and hostel staff

  •  Allows easy management of student safety

  •  Monitor check in and out

  •  Visitor Management

  •  Generate hostel entry/exit reports of students

  •  Record Disciplinary Cases

  •  Online Fee Collection

  •  Inventory Management

  •  Daily Attendance Register

The Hostel Manager allows students to get easy access to hostel facilities. It records and maintains data relating student lodging, meals, room transfers, room allocation and leave, room management and other hostel facilities. With our system students can easily apply for hostel facilities online, check for room availability and make necessary payments. The benefits of the Hostel Manager from Cybrain Software Solutions

  •  Automatic listing of all available room

  •  Smooth handling of room allocation/change

  •  Easily set facility fees and fines

  •  Keep track of student mess details

  •  Keep track hostel Inventory

  •  Maintain a staff and complaints register

  •  Keep record of staff and maintain complaint registers

  •  Maintain and generate attendance records

  •  Eliminate manual tracking of hostel activities and needless paperwork

  •  Send timely notifications according to academics schedule

The hostel administrator can easily monitor the activities of students in the hostel using our system. Students can apply for leave approval online and their parents/guardians will be automatically notified through SMS alerts or Emails. Integration with biometric systems such as fingerprint readers or barcode scanners tracks exit and entry into the hostel. Manage the student meal preparation based on the student count available from the Hostel Manager and minimize wastage of food. Our Hostel Manager Module will effectively manage the hostel operations helping you to cut costs. Managing student residential facilities is now fully automated with our full-feature web-based Hostel Manager. Call our experts for a demo of our Hostel Manager Module today.

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