Payroll Manager

The Cyber School Manager Payroll Manager is a module that enables schools to keep track of all the financial aspects of employees including salary reports, payslips generation, allowances, deductions time cards, employee records etc. for teachers and other employees. It streamlines the management of payroll and employees data.

Key Features

  •  Employee Profile

  •  Salary Calculation

  •  Determine deductions, compensation, leave etc.

  •  Pay-slip Generation and Monthly reports

  •  Annual Reports

  •  Automatic Tax Reports

  •  Manage Payroll Processes

  •  Generate employee reports and more.

Every institution is unique and that is why our payroll system can be customized to match different requirements. We have developed a flexible payroll Manager that is compatible with different school systems.

Our Payroll Manager Software has been designed to suit the needs of the education sector. Our Payroll management software makes work easy for the school administration when processing employee salaries. It is 100% compliant with the laws and regulations of the state. You can configure numerous allowances and calculation parameters based on specific requirements.

The payroll module enables the calculation of the number of days worked, amount payable as well as deductions. It enables the generations of various reports such Challans and PF forms for various departments and calculation of salary expenses.

It manages financial records of academic and non-academic staff including details such as personal profiles, pay band, pay grade, employment date, date of retirement, Pension Fund Administration, Monthly salary, generate various reports including employee list, loan register, Insurance reports, and form 16 etc.

Managing employee records has never been this easy. Our Payroll Manager not only saves time but also money. Our systems allow the school administration to focus on the core mandate which is to educate. Employee payments details such as names, basic salary, gross salary, net salary, wages, deductions including taxes, loans, salary advance, pension funds, allowances, bonus, overtime, commissions, vacation, leave, attendance records are all well recorded in the system for easy generation of annual reports.

We configure our payroll system to automatically help institutions in cost cutting with improved efficiency to ease administration complexities.

School administrations can maintain up-to-date records of employee records within a short time using our Payroll Manager

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