About our Module:

Our Online Assignments module is serving as a solution for any communication barriers between parents, teachers and students. It facilitates the parents and students to keep a keen check on the allotted assignments, homework and projects etc. through CSM app. Through this app, parents and students get the on-time reminders of due dates. It also helps parents to keep a note of their child's academic performance.

How Students Get Benefit using CSM APP Online Assignments Module?

CSM app makes the task easier and quicker for the students as they send and keep records of all the Assignments and Homeworks they have for the day with its submission dates. It helps students to annalise their growth themselves and reflect on it.

Apart from this CSM app has multiple features that make it easier to follow the discipline. It sends on-time notifications for upcoming tests and projects to students.

The Online Assignments module also incorporates a specific app for teachers called CSM connect app. Through this app, teachers can assign daily homework and assignments. They receive their student's uploaded tasks through this app and can revert a review on the same.

How are Teachers getting benefited using CSM APP Online Assignments Module?

CSM connect helps teachers to keep a check on their schedule. This app is supporting teachers to plan the working of the entire month that is; they can preserve dates for tests, assignments, projects beforehand and can commence with their lectures accordingly. Through CSM connect, they are achieving clear goals to target so they can manage efficient and planned teachings, and get enough time to help students understand better.

Teachers receive all the homework and assignments through the CSM app, so the app keeps the record of students' punctuality. They can upload homework through the CSM connect app and can check who all are actively part taking to deliver it on time. CSM connect also allows them to check on the performance of any of their students. This feature supports teachers to help the child who needs a little specific attention to improve the results and help the student to comprehend better.

Functionalities of Online Assignments Module:

Through the CSM connect app, teachers can upload a variety of digital content to benefit and intrigue students more about the subject. They can share data through engaging videos, drafts, presentations, data analysis in excel sheets, youtube links and many more.

Why are we different?

Our Online Assignments module is supervising comprehensive scheduling of online learning. It is thorough and makes the learning experience efficient for both teachers and students. This module has generated an extremely successful output because it is perpetual and has an ordered work pattern, it maintains the decorum of the educational environment for students even when they are not receiving the traditional classroom learning. This system assures punctuality, so the students follow and learn authentic morals even when not in school.

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