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Online Assesment

Importance of Online Assessment and Evaluation in Schools

Did you know that SAT 2020, GMAT, and several other prominent entrance exams are being administered online this year?

Most of the Institutes and Schools are also moving towards online assessments.

While most of the educational Institutes are struggling with digital technology, there are many who have incorporated solutions that will enable them to conduct and manage their assessments hassle-free.

So Where does your School/Institute stand? Still figuring out?

Read the blog below to get more perspective on Online Assessment & Evaluation and how it can help your institution.

As well all know, Assessment plays a pivotal role in monitoring a student’s learning progress. It helps teachers to identify the grey areas of children and improve their academic performance. 

Furthermore, it gives an accurate picture to parents about the progress of their wards which enables them to focus more on improving their child’s performance.

It also serves as a feedback tool for teachers enabling them to identify new teaching styles that resonate best with the students. It aids teachers in setting goals for every semester and tracking the performance of students throughout the academic year.

Exams Management Software

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 online assessment and evaluation has become an essential module in carrying out online exams.

Today most of the educational institutes have opted for smart learning tools and school management software to increase the productivity of both teachers and students which includes exam modules.

Below are a few benefits of Online Assessments:

1. Flexibility

The online assessment module enables the students to appear in their exams from any location at any time without any hassles. It also enables teachers to invigilate and navigate the assessments easily which in turn reduces the stress of both students and teachers.

Its flexibility makes it an essential tool during this pandemic. It enables teachers to monitor students from the comfort of their homes.

2. Create Exams with ease

Online Assessment allows teachers to create a bank of question papers that can be utilized to create automatic papers time and again. Teachers can upload questionnaires once and use them throughout the academic reducing workload. It also helps in streamlining the process of monitoring and grading exam results.

3.Increases productivity

Online assessment eradicates the tedious task of printing and distributing exam papers thereby saving time and effort of teachers. This decreased work enables teachers to focus on their students and find more ways to engage students.

It also reduces the administrative burden of school making time for other important school operations.

4.Fast Evaluations

Online assessments are easier to evaluate and many assessment modules have auto scorable options that reduce the grading time of teachers. Easier grading leads to faster results which reduce the anxiety and stress level of waiting students.

5. Secure Solution

All the exam papers, candidate details, examination marks and school results are digitally stored with access to only limited staff. No one can access anything without permission.

Exams Management Software

6. Easy Report Generation

The report generation is easier, faster and can be customized according to school guidelines. Reports give a graphical report or summary of examination statistics for easy analysis of student performance in exams.


Online assessment reduces the administrative costs associated with traditional examination systems like printing and distributing papers thereby reducing overall school costs.


Paper-based student assessments are now counted as an old tradition. In this digital world, online assessment to evaluate students’ overall performance is gaining momentum. This process reduces teachers’ work and increases their productivity, which enables them to focus on creative/innovative ways to deliver their lectures. Schools are transforming digitally and there is a dire need for schools to opt for a School Management Software more than ever. 

Cyber School Manager is one such software that streamlines your day-to-day school operations turning your school into a virtual one. You can manage all the school activities like admissions, online classes, generating time tables, online tests, etc with ease from anywhere at any time.

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